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[SND]01_1. True Revival What It Is and What Its Not_(P)2009 ACM .mp327-May-2011 23:41 60M
[SND]02_2. True Spirituality The Walk of Holiness_(P)2009 ACM Sa.mp327-May-2011 23:47 83M
[SND]03_3. Post Modernism & Emergent Church_(P)2009 ACM Samuel K.mp327-May-2011 23:53 83M
[SND]04_4. The New Revivals & the New Spiritualities_(P)2009 ACM.mp328-May-2011 00:00 89M
[SND]05_5. New Spiritual Warfare Prayer Warriors Prayer Walks & .mp328-May-2011 00:06 85M
[SND]06_6. Ancient Future Which Way To Revival & Spirituality_(P.mp328-May-2011 00:12 87M

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