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[SND]01. Virtuous Valentine - The Love of Your Life.mp327-May-2011 22:41 11M
[SND]02. Communicating In Code - The Secret of the Scrolls.mp327-May-2011 22:42 11M
[SND]03. Trip Into the Trinity - Figuring the Unfathomable.mp327-May-2011 22:42 12M
[SND]04. A Ransom for a Rebel - Bloody Business of the Beasts.mp327-May-2011 22:43 11M
[SND]05. Living it Up for the Lord - Its Crazy to Cling to Cancer.mp327-May-2011 22:44 13M
[SND]06. Belonging and Be Living - Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.mp327-May-2011 22:45 11M
[SND]07. Belonging and Be Living - Your Money Where Your Mouth Is-PARTIAL.mp327-May-2011 22:40 9.0M
[SND]08. Miracle Makeover - A Lifetime Warranty.mp327-May-2011 22:46 12M
[SND]09. The Quarantine Guarantee - The Rest of the Story.mp327-May-2011 22:47 15M
[SND]10. Let Your Lawyer Run Your Life - Acquittal is Assured.mp327-May-2011 22:48 11M
[SND]11. Griping Over Gods Gifts - A Prophet or a Loss.mp327-May-2011 22:49 12M
[SND]12. Interview with Leonard Brand.mp327-May-2011 22:49 1.6M
[SND]13. Interview with Gary Frasier.mp327-May-2011 22:49 1.5M
[SND]14. Interview with Marge Jetton.mp327-May-2011 22:49 1.4M
[SND]15. Secrets of Centenarians - Living Long in Luxury.mp327-May-2011 22:50 14M
[SND]16. The Ultimate Thanksgiving - Family Friends Forever.mp327-May-2011 22:51 17M
[SND]17. Cardiology of Commitment - The Heart of the Matter.mp327-May-2011 22:52 13M
[SND]18. Interview with Leslie Pollard.mp327-May-2011 22:52 1.6M
[SND]19. Bible Ethics Question and Answer Session.mp327-May-2011 22:54 27M

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