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[SND]01.The Barbie of the Bible - The Grace that Brings Revival.mp327-May-2011 22:35 14M
[SND]02. Parable of the Forgiving Father.mp327-May-2011 22:35 9.5M
[SND]03. Rapture or Ripoff - What Got Left Behind in 1844.mp327-May-2011 22:36 12M
[SND]04. The Babble About the Bible - Versions Diversions or Perversions.mp327-May-2011 22:37 9.9M
[SND]05. From God to Godzilla - The Scholars Versus the Scriptures.mp327-May-2011 22:38 11M
[SND]06. Teenagers and Trances - Mediums in the Media.mp327-May-2011 22:38 7.5M
[SND]07. Bible Translations Question and Answer Session.mp327-May-2011 22:39 4.3M
[SND]08. From Telegraph to Tell-a-Vision - Sharing a Sanctuary With Sinners.mp327-May-2011 22:39 9.5M

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