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[SND]01. Making Tough Choices - Lord What Should I Do - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:50 15M
[SND]02. Count the Cost - What it Takes to be a True Disciple of Christ - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:51 16M
[SND]03. True to Principle - Standing for the Right Though the Heavens Fall - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:52 15M
[SND]04. Wisdom from the Past - What Does the Good Book Say - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:53 12M
[SND]05. No Matter What - Uncompromising Loyalty in the End-Time Church - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:54 15M
[SND]06. Faithful Unto Death - A Compelling Motivation to Hold On - Pipim.mp327-May-2011 00:55 15M

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