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[SND]Who Are The 144,000.mp326-May-2011 19:07 38M
[SND]The Promises Of God.mp326-May-2011 18:39 36M
[SND]The Richest Caveman.mp326-May-2011 18:41 28M
[SND]The Damascus Road-Seeing the Light.mp326-May-2011 18:07 27M
[SND]The Good Shepherd.mp326-May-2011 18:16 27M
[SND]What is Truth.mp326-May-2011 18:58 27M
[SND]The Dynamic Christian.mp326-May-2011 18:09 27M
[SND]Jesus in the Feast Days.mp326-May-2011 17:20 27M
[SND]Remembering Reverence.mp326-May-2011 17:39 27M
[SND]Giant Faith 2003.mp326-May-2011 16:49 27M
[SND]Comprehending God - Part 2.mp326-May-2011 16:26 27M
[SND]Bless Your Heart.mp326-May-2011 16:20 27M
[SND]What Shall I Wear.mp326-May-2011 19:00 27M
[SND]Zacchaeus.mp326-May-2011 19:14 27M
[SND]At Jesus Feet.mp326-May-2011 16:12 27M
[SND]Renewing Your Vows.mp326-May-2011 17:41 27M
[SND]How to Keep the Sabbath-Holiday or Holy Day-Pt2.mp326-May-2011 17:04 27M
[SND]Who Do You Think You Are.mp326-May-2011 19:09 27M
[SND]Reviving a Remnant.mp326-May-2011 17:11 26M
[SND]The World-A Love-Hate Relationship.mp326-May-2011 18:47 26M
[SND]When Tribulation Comes.mp326-May-2011 19:04 26M
[SND]Spiritual Gifts.mp326-May-2011 17:53 26M
[SND]Judas Iscariot-Misguided Motives.mp326-May-2011 17:22 26M
[SND]Gideon Part 2 - A Few Good Men.mp326-May-2011 16:53 26M
[SND]Gideon Part 1 - Calling the Courageous.mp326-May-2011 16:51 26M
[SND]Discovering & Doing the Will of God - Part 1.mp326-May-2011 16:33 26M
[SND]Variations in Value.mp326-May-2011 18:52 26M
[SND]The Hand that Rocked the Cradle.mp326-May-2011 18:22 26M
[SND]The Great Wedding Feast.mp326-May-2011 17:15 26M
[SND]Reversing the Cursing.mp326-May-2011 17:43 26M
[SND]Is Jesus the One.mp326-May-2011 17:09 26M
[SND]Hope for the Sincere Hypocrite.mp326-May-2011 17:02 26M
[SND]A Stone Rejected.mp326-May-2011 16:05 26M
[SND]A Portrait of Andrew.mp326-May-2011 16:01 26M
[SND]Two or Three Witnesses.mp326-May-2011 18:49 26M
[SND]The Damascus Road-Making a YOU-turn.mp326-May-2011 18:05 26M
[SND]A Positive Perspective.mp326-May-2011 16:03 26M
[SND]What is the Gospel.mp326-May-2011 18:56 26M
[SND]Teach Us to Pray - Part 2.mp326-May-2011 17:59 26M
[SND]Saved From Sin.mp326-May-2011 17:45 26M
[SND]Out of Babylon.mp326-May-2011 17:28 26M
[SND]A Home Base & Hiding Place.mp326-May-2011 15:57 26M
[SND]Teach Us to Pray - Part 1.mp326-May-2011 17:13 26M
[SND]Bound in the Abyss.mp326-May-2011 16:22 26M
[SND]The Joy of the Lord.mp326-May-2011 18:27 26M
[SND]The Healing of Christ.mp326-May-2011 18:25 26M
[SND]Faith That Works.mp326-May-2011 16:41 26M
[SND]The Law of Liberty.mp326-May-2011 18:29 26M
[SND]Spirit Led-Philip and the Ethiopian.mp326-May-2011 17:51 26M
[SND]The Fire Came Down.mp326-May-2011 18:11 26M
[SND]The Power of Plodding.mp326-May-2011 18:35 26M
[SND]Be Like Jesus.mp326-May-2011 16:16 26M
[SND]Prison Break.mp326-May-2011 17:33 26M
[SND]From Shame to Song at Jesus Feet.mp326-May-2011 16:45 26M
[SND]When God Turns the Tables.mp326-May-2011 19:02 26M
[SND]Second Coming or Second Chance.mp326-May-2011 17:48 26M
[SND]Holy Spirit Part 2 - The Filling.mp326-May-2011 17:00 26M
[SND]Wasting Nothing Good.mp326-May-2011 18:54 26M
[SND]Selling Salvation.mp326-May-2011 17:50 26M
[SND]Finding Hidden Treasure.mp326-May-2011 16:43 26M
[SND]Comprehending God - Part 1.mp326-May-2011 16:24 26M
[SND]Squeaky Clean.mp326-May-2011 17:55 26M
[SND]The Great Questions of God.mp326-May-2011 18:18 26M
[SND]Does God Believe in War.mp326-May-2011 16:37 26M
[SND]The Glorious Mount.mp326-May-2011 18:13 26M
[SND]Bee-ing a Sweet Christian.mp326-May-2011 16:18 26M
[SND]Incredible Influence.mp326-May-2011 17:07 26M
[SND]Getting a Good Deal.mp326-May-2011 16:47 26M
[SND]The Price of Liberty.mp326-May-2011 18:36 26M
[SND]Recognizing Jesus.mp326-May-2011 17:37 26M
[SND]Suddenly.mp326-May-2011 17:57 26M
[SND]Word Power.mp326-May-2011 19:12 26M
[SND]Uncommon Sensitivity.mp326-May-2011 18:50 25M
[SND]Persistent & Prevailing Prayer.mp326-May-2011 17:29 25M
[SND]A New Point of View.mp326-May-2011 15:59 25M
[SND]Conquering Inner Space.mp326-May-2011 16:28 25M
[SND]Giving the Greatest Gift.mp326-May-2011 16:55 25M
[SND]The Bread of Life.mp326-May-2011 18:03 25M
[SND]Holy Spirit Part 1 - The Necessity.mp326-May-2011 16:58 25M
[SND]The Many Facets of Faith.mp326-May-2011 18:31 25M
[SND]Who Will Be Left Standing.mp326-May-2011 19:11 25M
[SND]Cornelius.mp326-May-2011 16:30 25M
[SND]At Home in the Presence of the Lord.mp326-May-2011 16:10 24M
[SND]Jephthah Part 2 - Keeping Your Vows and Vowels.mp326-May-2011 17:19 24M
[SND]Temper Tirades.mp326-May-2011 18:01 24M
[SND]The Tarrying Time.mp326-May-2011 18:43 24M
[SND]The God of Peace.mp326-May-2011 18:14 24M
[SND]The Power of Hope.mp326-May-2011 18:33 24M
[SND]Barnabas-Son of Encouragement.mp326-May-2011 16:14 24M
[SND]Discovering & Doing the Will of God - Part 2.mp326-May-2011 16:35 24M
[SND]Advendication Part 4 - Healing the Health Message.mp326-May-2011 16:08 24M
[SND]Jephthah Part 1 - God Calls the Outcasts.mp326-May-2011 17:17 24M
[SND]The Water of Life.mp326-May-2011 18:45 24M
[SND]Rags Mold and Patches.mp326-May-2011 17:35 23M
[SND]Count Your Blessings.mp326-May-2011 16:31 23M
[SND]Learning From the Eagles.mp326-May-2011 17:24 23M
[SND]Heroes of Gratitude.mp326-May-2011 16:56 23M
[SND]Please Pass the Salt.mp326-May-2011 17:31 23M
[SND]Abiding.mp326-May-2011 16:07 22M
[SND]The Great Temptation.mp326-May-2011 18:20 21M
[SND]Enduring Patience.mp326-May-2011 16:39 21M
[SND]The Hands of the Lord.mp326-May-2011 18:23 20M
[SND]Never Alone.mp326-May-2011 17:26 20M
[SND]In the Fullness of Time.mp326-May-2011 17:05 16M
[SND]Early in the Morning.mp326-May-2011 16:38 12M
[SND]resisting temptation.mp326-May-2011 17:41 9.9M
[SND]bracing for the storm.mp326-May-2011 16:22 7.7M
[SND]saved from sin2.mp326-May-2011 17:46 6.9M

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